The History of the Ford Taunus

Not from books, but from life itself. The Pictures will enlarge in a new window, if you click on them.

1972 A Ford Taunus 12M ! This picture was taken in 1972, and the attractive young lady in front is no one less than my Mom! The "12 Meisterstück" was sold for 1500 ATS to a collector, who claimed that he never had payed so much before.

The Milk Truck Story ... This picture shows a friends Graddad with his beautiful 17M "Badewanne" and an even more beautiful licence plate number. The picture was taken on the 29th of June,1966 in Znaim. (according to rear note) In the background, a Skoda can be seen.

..without a Happy End. This is the last picture of the car above, showing an accident. His driving aunt couldn't pass the Truck on the opposing lane, because there was traffic. So she thought it more convenient to smash into the Milk-Truck. Which was the end of the family-trip, of course, with bloody faces and hysterically screaming passengers. In the rear: Peugeot 404 and an Ambulance VW- "Bulli".

Thanks for this pictures to David Hanz.

It must be a Cortina! Davids Grandpa's new car after the above story.

And if you have some old pictures, with maybe a story, you can be here, too!

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